About Us

Hi I am Shawn,Thank you for visiting our website.

What type of website is 88% off

88% off is a website that offers the cash-strapped a way to buy expensive products, which means replica product.
Everyone wants to buy a genuine product, just like everyone wants to be rich, but there are many things that cost a lot of money to buy a genuine product, more than the limit of the budget

why i created this website

A long time ago I liked a lamp very much, it suits my decoration style very well, but his price is as high as 4000 dollars, I don’t have that much money, if I find a lot of websites online and buy a replica, yes I admit it’s disgraceful and I paid for it, the quality of the lamp is poor and I haven’t used it for long.
That’s why I created this site, to give people without a budget an option to choose very good quality replicas for around 22% of the original price

About made in china

I like products made in China very much because the price is very low and the quality of the product is also very good if you choose the right store